Our Values

Magnus and Paws is an Australian owned, female-run small business.

Inspire Happiness

We are a big believer in having positive mental health.

Our brand’s vision is to inspire happiness in others. Whether it’s from our pretty products, spreading funny dog videos or inspiring people to do things that make them happy.

Read more on Mental Health.

  • Animal Welfare

    Animals deserve our protection and respect. Unfortunately, not all have access to freshwater, food, shelter, medical or a loving owner.

    Magnus and Paws donates a portion of our profits and excess stock to Not for Profit Animal Welfare Charities.

  • Reduce environmental impact

    It’s not easy for small businesses. We are trying our best. Our sustainable HERO Packaging supports brands that focus on doing good!

CEO of Happiness

Born on the 18th of February, 2021, Magnus is our beautiful Cavoodle that constantly gets into trouble with the vet.

He has an obsession with elastic bands and hair ties (naughty!). He is full of love and happiness and has a super friendly temperament. Magnus’ joy is running around at the dog park and saying hi to every dog without fail.

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